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What a summer!

We’ve had so much joy, play-fulness, good company and good food here in the Groves this summer that as fall begins to come in We just feel GOOD, full with the harvest of all we shared here.  Below is a photo from the Drum-Sing-Dance week-end Simone LaDrumma and I co-facilitated.


“On Sunday morning ten of us gathered around the drum and proceeded to pound out the heartbeat while Therese, my co-facilitator and owner of Sacred Groves, led us in chants to the Mother Earth. We took turns lying under the drum, feeling its power.  That is me, under the drum. I could feel the earth beating beneath my body. Soon I couldn’t tell what was the drum, what was the earth, and what was my heart. It was all One.

In Joyful Rhythm,



Summer Joy is Comin’ in!

Summer is upon us now …..

Fool Festival Un-talent showWe started summer in style with several joyous events that celebrated the culmination of spring’s frenetic growth! All in all, about 50 men, women & kids showed up to celebrate Summer Solstice and 4th of July week-end drumming and foolishness with us. You can read more about these events and see photos on our flickr photo pages.

Things are settling now into the ‘lazy days of summer.’ Our new Medicine Wheel garden (begun at Spring Equinox) is looking beautiful and groomed again thanks to the efforts of Groves’mates Larissa Notter, Sarah Jackson and Sage Vann. If you were here at Spring Equinox, check out the photos to see how it has evolved! Better yet: DO come visit sometime this summer! In addition to our regularly monthly offerings, we’ve got many special events this summer to draw you here. As usual, please RSVP!med wheel

Starting Summer with Celebration & Sillyness


3-5pm: SUMMER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION! Songs, drums and circle dances to celebrate, honor and usher in the new season. POTLUCK DINNER FOLLOWING!

What to bring: Food for the Potluck, Poetry, songs, summer joy!

Suggested Donation: $10-20 per event. Brunch is $15.

Read more about the activities that day–click here.


BIG Announcement from Van Calvez, the Sacred Fool himself, MC of this foolish event: “This year, the Sacred Fool Festival proudly presents… tadaaa!
The Cirque du Silly

Hear Yee, Hear Yee and Hee Hee
Come One, Come All
to the Big Big Big Big Really Big
Cirque Du Silly

Under Our Big Tent of the Sky, in our Big 3-Wing Circus (that sucker flies funny!)

Here’s your chance to
See the Circus!
Be the Circus!
Flea the Circus!
In other words, cultivate your inner carnival!

Read more about the Sacred Fool Festival–click here!

Women’s Rite for Healing & Empowerment is coming right up!

Women’s Rite Retreat–June 6-7, 2009, held in the magical sacred space of the Moonlodge.

Tere and I are excited to be hosting another Women’s Rite Retreat, for the first time in 3 years. We had been offering this rich and deeply healing retreat for women annually, but with the housebuilding project the past two years, we just couldn’t handle it. Now its 2009 and ITS HAPPENING AGAIN on June 6-7.

This is such an amazing week-end retreat, deeply healing for any woman who wants to be em-BODY’ed more fully in her woman’s body, feeling proud, strong, and honored for her beauty, power and wimmin-wisdom. You can read more about it by clicking here. You’ll see a few photos from these rituals in years past there too.

Memorial Day week-end we’ll be around a lot, doing an informal “Open House” sort of thing on Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon (after the Sunday morning meditation and brunch) and Monday afternoon (before the Gong Journeys event). We’ve been fielding lots of calls about guest lodging over the week-end and the cabin we have for rent to new resident(s). Give us a call if you want to come by…..

Earth Mother Nurturing Spa

Once a year around Mothers Day (and other times by special request) Therese offers her unique Sacred Groves style Spa. Set in the magical setting of the Moonlodge, the spa includes warm stones, healing music, hand and foot massage, facial scrub and a soak in the deep outdoor hot-tub, under open skies. After soaking, you are mummy-wrapped for your after-birth swaddling wrap, sending you into a deep restful state.

In 2009, this is being offered on Tuesday evening, May 12th by appointment.

Take advantage of this special mothers day offering geared especially for the hard-working women who are currently tending children, giving their hearts, minds, and bodies in service to their families in a hundred ways!

This nurturing spa is Therese’s gift to mothers and no donation is expected. No well-deserved mama will be turned away for lack of funds! For those who would like to make a contribution to the Groves, the suggested donation is $25-50.

February starts with gusto!

Last week-end we had three events here in the Groves: our monthly Wailing Lodge, an introduction to the Earth Mothers Circle, and the first Sunday morning meditation and brunch. As a result of the wonderful people that showed up to be part of these, I feel awash in a sense of success and validation for the work we offer here in the Groves.

The Wailing Lodge had record attendance, swollen by the participation from a group of people came from the Woodinville area who are studying grief as part of a year-long program. Attending our Wailing Lodge was a ‘field trip’ of sorts. There were several others there as well, 18 of us all together; the time together was powerful and healing, as usual.

The Introduction to the Earth Mothers Circle was heart-warming. The 2009 group is shaping up with a combination of women continuing from last year and newcomers too. As usual, sitting in circle singing, sharing, listening to stories about the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers & the 13 Original Clan Mothers inspires to deeper connection with the earth and with each other.

The first Sunday morning meditation, followed by a discussion of “A New Earth” was attended by many Groves-mates (those of us who live here) and a handful of others despite the early hour (8am). The guided visualizations and body-awareness practices proved to be very helpful for settling the mind. Our discussion afterwards about ‘the voice in the head’ was thought-provoking and heart-sharing. Then we shared a delicious brunch together. Thank you Tere as usual for another wonderful meal, full of love and goodness!

This upcoming week-end is the Women of Wisdom conference in Seattle where I’ll be singing (prior to Starhawk’s Thursday evening presentation), then spending a full day with Starhawk and another full day with Ubaka Hill! Meanwhile, back in the Groves, there will be a sweatlodge facilitated by Kendra. Life is FULL as spring begins to stir. Blessed be!

Early Spring is stirring!

Spring is stirring–we can feel it, we can feel it! Already the days are a bit longer and the daybreak comes a little earlier.

January was a wonderful month here in the Groves–many new faces and many familiar faces coming back to join us again. We began the year with a sweatlodge for men and women and ended the month with a women’s sweatlodge–both drew about 13 people, went deep, created a healing container for releasing the past and stepping into this new year with vigor! That combined with the inauguration of our new president–we’re feeling the collective optimist despite the current challenges. We know that to express gratitude for the many gifts of our lives on Earth brings in more to be grateful for and we’re living in “The Whirling Rainbow Dream” here in the Groves.

The 2009 Earth Mothers Circle is constellating, drawing many new women and some continuing from past years. I’m hosting another Introduction to the group on Saturday Feb 7th, noon-2:30pm. The 2009 Women’s Mysteries School is slowly taking shape in my mind’s eye and on this website as I weave gloriously beautiful threads together from women’s work here and across the globe.

Next Sunday, February 8th–8a.m.–I’ll be hosting a Sunday morning meditation that will include seated meditation, slow walking and stretching, all with guided visualization that helps cultivate subtle body-awareness and greater presence. I’ve been a big fan of Eckhardt Tolle’s since reading “Power of Now” many years ago and finally dove into “A New Earth.” After the success of the book on Oprah, I am deeply heartened to know that so many Americans and others around the world are inspired by his work. He has made Buddhist teachings so much more accessible I do believe. I will be sharing the meditation practices that have helped me settle my busy chatter-brain, a combination of quiet sitting, walking, movement, maybe even a little song and dance! For those who want to stay, we’ll be talking about “A New Earth” afterwards while brunch is being cooked up and we’ll continue chatting through breakfast. Please join us!

The Groves is a place that is promoting ways to help us crazy human beings move into a higher level of consciousness–that’s what the world needs right now! The combination of this sacred land and the variety of wonderful ways to deepen with spirit make this place unique, but it is one of many places where “A New Earth” is being co-created. Do come be a part of it!

Welcome 2009!

The New Year began in a wonderful way here in the Groves with 2 different sweatlodges over the 4 day week-end, a DrumJourneys Healing Dance on Friday evening (Jan 2), and 2 different women’s groups here Saturday and Sunday, one at the Round House and another at the Moonlodge with Kendra. The good energy coming into the Groves with such joyous, deep and heart-opening events is setting us off in a great way for this new year. We feel confident that the year will continue to bring in abundance.

In 2009 Therese and Kendra will continue to offer a once a month Wailing Lodge Ritual. Therese will continue offering a monthly women’s group, the Earth Mothers Circle. In addition, Therese will facilitate a monthly Compassionate Listening Practice Group and Sunday morning Meditation, and most months a drumming event of some kind. In addition to these regular offerings there will be many special events. We look forward to having more wonderful guests come visit!

Check the calendar for the latest and greatest dates and times of events.

Summer is fading

What an amazing and wonderful summer we have had here at the Groves, starting with our sweet Summer Solstice Ritual and the Sacred Fool Festival. In addition to our usual events (sweatlodge, wailing lodge, drum circles and dances, women’s ceremonies and circles) we hosted some wonderful retreats: a Buddhist meditation Retreat with Sandy Boucher, a women’s drumming week-end with Simone LaDrumma, Spirit Quest in the woods, Kendra Thornbury’s Delighting in the Diva workshop, and the Sacred Fire Choir’s annual fall retreat.  Several women reserved the Moonlodge for little personal retreats too. In short, many wonderful people blessed the land with their prayers, their songs, their silence, their joy and playfulness. We feel the Groves flowing in a river of abundance and love!

Our newly constellating Intentional Community welcomed several new residents:  Cristie Thurman Grogger and her two children Dusty and Miranda, Kristi Tonti, Dennis Kuntz, Kelly and Jason Yust.  It’s been a FULL summer as we’ve figured out our decision-making process (consensus of course!) for food-buying, household chores and other practical matters.  We even did a mini-training in NVC (non-violent communication) to support open communication with eachother.  We’re all enjoying the joy and support of community living immensely, despite the intensity of the learning curve as we learn to live in proximity without getting overwhelmed by all the residents AND dozens of short-time guests too.

Change is afoot as the season shifts to autumn.  Jason got a last-minute job offer at University of Alabama so we barely said hello to him before he left.  His wife Kelly lingered for a couple months but now she’s heading off to join him, opening up one of the yurtlettes.  And our dear Maggy Hollander is moving on this month too, back to the big city where so many exciting things are happening!  Shift happens, as usual.  We trust that another new resident or two is just around the corner.

Our new Round House continues to be a delight to live in and share.  Tere and I continue to be awed by the miracle that WE DID IT, we built this amazing and beautiful round home that engenders a sacred energy in our life here and welcomes people in so lovingly.  The stress of house-building is slowly easing up as we have finished up the last of the interior rooms, the Guest Bedroom.  Today Tere is finishing up the new woodshed so we can get the firewood under cover before the rains really settle in.  We are gearing down, hoping to get out for more hiking and camping in the wilderness during this, the season of both our birthdays.

Many wonderful events coming up this Autumn as we settle in more and see how wonderfully our new home works for both residents and guests.  Thanks to all of you who have brought your good wishes and contributions to the Groves these past months–we’re feelin’ the LOVE!

Summer has arrived!

Summer weather has blessed the land with warmth and sunshine and we’ve been laughing and playing outdoors just like people are meant to do during the good ole’ summertime! The “0”th Annual Sacred Fool Festival happened over 4th of July week-end which was the best kind of kick-off for a silly and light hearted season of fun and play. There were about 10 children here running through the woods, playing in the meadow sprinkler and showing a dozen adults how to have a REALLY good time!

This summer has a full schedule for both our newly expanding Intentional Community and Sacred Groves events. In the month of July, 6 new Groves-mates will be settling into their new homes here. And we have a full calendar of fun (and more serious) events, ceremonies, celebrations. This is a summer to celebrate the completion of our new Round House and the new chapter of life at Sacred Groves. …..Do come visit!