Women’s Rite for Healing & Empowerment is coming right up!

Women’s Rite Retreat–June 6-7, 2009, held in the magical sacred space of the Moonlodge.

Tere and I are excited to be hosting another Women’s Rite Retreat, for the first time in 3 years. We had been offering this rich and deeply healing retreat for women annually, but with the housebuilding project the past two years, we just couldn’t handle it. Now its 2009 and ITS HAPPENING AGAIN on June 6-7.

This is such an amazing week-end retreat, deeply healing for any woman who wants to be em-BODY’ed more fully in her woman’s body, feeling proud, strong, and honored for her beauty, power and wimmin-wisdom. You can read more about it by clicking here. You’ll see a few photos from these rituals in years past there too.

Memorial Day week-end we’ll be around a lot, doing an informal “Open House” sort of thing on Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon (after the Sunday morning meditation and brunch) and Monday afternoon (before the Gong Journeys event). We’ve been fielding lots of calls about guest lodging over the week-end and the cabin we have for rent to new resident(s). Give us a call if you want to come by…..