skylight domeWe are fascinated by the energy of ‘living in the round;’ it seems to enhance and enliven feminine energy, shifting us away from a linear frame-of-mind, inviting in the circular, spiral ways of our DNA and life itself. We have several yurts here at Sacred Groves.

The Round House
West Side Round House
The Round House was built for ceremony and community celebrations. The space is magical and inviting, unique and full of folk-art. The Great Room and kitchen are a perfect venue for some of our gatherings. 

The Moonlodge
MoonlodgeThe Moonlodge is our women’s lodge and was the first yurt on the property. It is the place where some women’s ceremonies happen and where women do personal retreats. You can read more about it and see more photos here. This model of yurt can be purchased now from Ranier Yurts.

The Dome
The dome is located in the meadow and is used as a rain shelter for meadow events and a place to change clothing during sweatlodges. This model of dome/yurt is available from Shelter Systems.

gathering in meadow
The meadow is where many outdoor gatherings happen. The sweatlodge is located in the meadow. In addition, there is space for drumming, dancing, bonfires, hanging out and playing around. It is entirely private, surrounded by woods, accessed by a foot-path that goes down the hill from the driveway.

The photo above shows the south-east part of the meadow and the photo below shows the north edge of the meadow. We LOVE spending time outdoors there, circled by the sacred cedar trees, feeling nurtured and protected by the “standing tall people.”

dancin' in the meadow

For more photos and a “tour” of Sacred Groves, check out this link to a story on the “Offbeat Home” website.