Early Spring is stirring!

Spring is stirring–we can feel it, we can feel it! Already the days are a bit longer and the daybreak comes a little earlier.

January was a wonderful month here in the Groves–many new faces and many familiar faces coming back to join us again. We began the year with a sweatlodge for men and women and ended the month with a women’s sweatlodge–both drew about 13 people, went deep, created a healing container for releasing the past and stepping into this new year with vigor! That combined with the inauguration of our new president–we’re feeling the collective optimist despite the current challenges. We know that to express gratitude for the many gifts of our lives on Earth brings in more to be grateful for and we’re living in “The Whirling Rainbow Dream” here in the Groves.

The 2009 Earth Mothers Circle is constellating, drawing many new women and some continuing from past years. I’m hosting another Introduction to the group on Saturday Feb 7th, noon-2:30pm. The 2009 Women’s Mysteries School is slowly taking shape in my mind’s eye and on this website as I weave gloriously beautiful threads together from women’s work here and across the globe.

Next Sunday, February 8th–8a.m.–I’ll be hosting a Sunday morning meditation that will include seated meditation, slow walking and stretching, all with guided visualization that helps cultivate subtle body-awareness and greater presence. I’ve been a big fan of Eckhardt Tolle’s since reading “Power of Now” many years ago and finally dove into “A New Earth.” After the success of the book on Oprah, I am deeply heartened to know that so many Americans and others around the world are inspired by his work. He has made Buddhist teachings so much more accessible I do believe. I will be sharing the meditation practices that have helped me settle my busy chatter-brain, a combination of quiet sitting, walking, movement, maybe even a little song and dance! For those who want to stay, we’ll be talking about “A New Earth” afterwards while brunch is being cooked up and we’ll continue chatting through breakfast. Please join us!

The Groves is a place that is promoting ways to help us crazy human beings move into a higher level of consciousness–that’s what the world needs right now! The combination of this sacred land and the variety of wonderful ways to deepen with spirit make this place unique, but it is one of many places where “A New Earth” is being co-created. Do come be a part of it!