February starts with gusto!

Last week-end we had three events here in the Groves: our monthly Wailing Lodge, an introduction to the Earth Mothers Circle, and the first Sunday morning meditation and brunch. As a result of the wonderful people that showed up to be part of these, I feel awash in a sense of success and validation for the work we offer here in the Groves.

The Wailing Lodge had record attendance, swollen by the participation from a group of people came from the Woodinville area who are studying grief as part of a year-long program. Attending our Wailing Lodge was a ‘field trip’ of sorts. There were several others there as well, 18 of us all together; the time together was powerful and healing, as usual.

The Introduction to the Earth Mothers Circle was heart-warming. The 2009 group is shaping up with a combination of women continuing from last year and newcomers too. As usual, sitting in circle singing, sharing, listening to stories about the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers & the 13 Original Clan Mothers inspires to deeper connection with the earth and with each other.

The first Sunday morning meditation, followed by a discussion of “A New Earth” was attended by many Groves-mates (those of us who live here) and a handful of others despite the early hour (8am). The guided visualizations and body-awareness practices proved to be very helpful for settling the mind. Our discussion afterwards about ‘the voice in the head’ was thought-provoking and heart-sharing. Then we shared a delicious brunch together. Thank you Tere as usual for another wonderful meal, full of love and goodness!

This upcoming week-end is the Women of Wisdom conference in Seattle where I’ll be singing (prior to Starhawk’s Thursday evening presentation), then spending a full day with Starhawk and another full day with Ubaka Hill! Meanwhile, back in the Groves, there will be a sweatlodge facilitated by Kendra. Life is FULL as spring begins to stir. Blessed be!