Summer has arrived!

Summer weather has blessed the land with warmth and sunshine and we’ve been laughing and playing outdoors just like people are meant to do during the good ole’ summertime! The “0”th Annual Sacred Fool Festival happened over 4th of July week-end which was the best kind of kick-off for a silly and light hearted season of fun and play. There were about 10 children here running through the woods, playing in the meadow sprinkler and showing a dozen adults how to have a REALLY good time!

This summer has a full schedule for both our newly expanding Intentional Community and Sacred Groves events. In the month of July, 6 new Groves-mates will be settling into their new homes here. And we have a full calendar of fun (and more serious) events, ceremonies, celebrations. This is a summer to celebrate the completion of our new Round House and the new chapter of life at Sacred Groves. …..Do come visit!