2018 Offerings

We offer a variety of ceremonies, circles and classes here at the Groves, inspired by our personal interests, training and gifts, all of them with the intention of connecting us to Spirit, opening our hearts, expanding our souls, getting our bodies outdoors on Mother Earth, and sharing authentically with a community of like-minded others.

Women and Men welcome to join us for……

    • Seasonal Sweatlodges –Winter–Jan 1, Spring- April 7, , Autumn-October 6
    • Grief Ritual Retreat March 3-4, November 3-4
    • Quests at Ekone Ranch–May 30-June 3 and Aug 29-Sept 3
    • Journeying into Elderhood: Becoming a Wisdom Keeper–launches March 10

For Women Only:

  • Monthly Earth Mothers Circle -3rd Sunday each month
  • Womens Red Tent –every 2-3 months (see calendar)
  • Womens Mysteries Retreat –May 19-20
  • Womens Sweatlodges — Please inquire.
  • Holistic Pelvic Care –by appointment