Grief Rituals

Day-long GRIEF RITUAL      July 16, 2022  10am – 10pm   

–in the meadow at Sacred Groves ,   Co-Facilitated by Therese and Tere of Sacred Groves, Laurence Cole, Mary Hart, Nala Walla & Siena Tenisci

Since 2002, Sacred Groves has offered the opportunity to gather and support each other in community to release grief, feel support and connection, heal our tender hearts. There are so few places in this culture where we can bring our strong emotions, our deep grief and anger. Many of us yearn to unburden ourselves with others, but find ourselves alone with our grief all too often. This is a place where your tears and heart-ache will be held in a sacred container with support and witnessing. The retreat includes talking circles, singing, ceremony, sharing food and quiet time in the woods. The heart of the retreat is an evening ceremony inspired by Sobonfu Some by Therese and Laurence, who were blessed to participate in a number of her Grief Rituals.

The spiritual framework for this ritual includes time-honored and earth based modalities such as invoking the energies of the 7 directions, utilizing the power of drumming and chanting, the belief that the natural world is a rich place of inter-connection with “all our relations,” and the importance of working with the unseen realms, including our ancestors.

Facilitators: Our “Grief Tending Team” includes 6 of us who have been involved in grief  IMG_0095 rituals here at Sacred Groves and elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Each brings unique gifts to the group: Thérèse and Tere,  Laurence Cole, Mary Hart, Siena Tenisci, and Nala Walla. Thérèse, Tere and Laurence have been partners in offering this grief work since 2008.

(photo-left to right: Laurence, Therese, Tere and Mary Hart)

To Register: Siena Tenisci is our registrar for this ritual. To register, please complete our registration form and send the registration fee via paypal ( or venmo (@siena-cairns). 

Fees: The fee for the day-long Grief Rituals is $175. If you are in need of a partial scholarship or payment plan, please email Siena for details. Read more about our philosophy around fees here. Thank you for your generosity!

Questions? Please email Siena (

COVID Precautions:  We are holding this ritual outdoors and are in the process considering what other precautions we might take so this event feels safe-enough in this time of pandemic.  Stay tuned for more details as we sort through the latest recommendations and make our plan.

Refund Policy:

  • A full refund will be given if our COVID precautions do not feel stringent enough for you or if you feel sick at the time of the ritual.  (Please stay home)
  • If you cancel anytime before 1 week prior to the retreat for other reasons, we retain $25 of your deposit as a “handling fee.”
  • If you cancel less than a week prior to the retreat, we retain $50 unless we can find a replacement for your spot.

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