Grief Mentoring Program with Elders Thérèse Charvet and Laurence Cole

For those already hosting grief rituals and those who aspire to do so

(NOTE: As of mid-January, this group is full-up and registration is closed

The Sacred Groves Grief Retreat team were on track a year ago to offer a Grief Tenders Mentoring Program in 2020.  We launched it with a workshop in March.  Then the pandemic and consequent ‘shut-down’ happened.   In the aftermath, our attention went to setting up twice monthly grief tending sessions on zoom…….and all the other adjustments and anxieties of our disrupted lives.  Now, at long last, Laurence and I feel ready to offer ourselves as Elder-Mentors in the realm of grief tending, using zoom of course (since the pandemic seems to be in full-swing).  Below are more details about what we are offering.

OVERVIEW:  This mentoring program involves participating in one 2.5 hour zoom call each month for 6 months–January through June 2022 starting January 22, 2022. The fee for the program is $300 total.

More about Elders Laurence Cole and Thérèse Charvet: Thérèse and Laurence met at a Grief Retreat held by their mentor, the late Sobonfu Some, attending many ceremonies (grief retreats and others) with her in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Therese began offering Grief Rituals through Sacred Groves in 2002, with the blessing of Sobonfu and always in honor and acknowledgement of the teachings she shared from the Dagara Culture (in Burkina Faso). Laurence joined the team in 2008. For 12 years, until the pandemic changed things, the team offered Grief Ritual Retreats twice a year. Grounded” by the pandemic, they are exploring how to pass along their teachings to others via zoom at this time. Read more about Therese here.

Laurence Cole, a song elder and ritualist from Port Townsend, Washington, has been helping groups of people rediscover the healing power of grieving communally for over ten years.  Guided and inspired by the teachings of Malidoma Somé, Sobonfu Somé, Angeles Arrien, Michael Meade, James Hillman, Francis Weller,, Joanna Macy and many others, Laurence creates a safe and brave, non-judgmental space for folks to rediscover their natural human capacity for healing together, blending song, poetry, easy grounding movement, small and large group sharing, humor and connection in nature..

TO REGISTER: REGISTRATION IS closed at this time.