Earth Mothers Circle

Calling all women who love our Mother Earth and want to…
Re-connect with the natural world and
Deepen and expand womb-an-wisdom!

Join the Earth Mothers Circle!

Since 2003 Therese (guided by inner grandmothers and the ancient Clan Mothers) has offered a monthly women’s group at Sacred Groves.  Women make a commitment to join the group for several months; some women continue to participate year after year. During our time together we create a sacred container, hold a talking circle, share food, listen to a Clan Mother story, spend an hour outdoors in silence connecting with nature, sing and pray, smudge, laugh and hug. In addition, Thérèse offers wise-woman teachings about the medicine wheel and we learn from and with each woman in the group.

The intentions of this group are to:

  • Cultivate a deeper connection with ancient grandmothers and medicine-women (using the 13 Original Clan Mothers), as well as personal ancestral grandmothers and the wise-one within.
  • Learning women’s songs and experiencing the power and magic of women’s rituals
  • Develop the connection between our spirituality and our womb-an’s body
  • Deepen our connection with Mother Earth, her cycles, the energy of the 7 directions and 4 elements, her many creatures, birds, trees and plants.
  • Enliven and empower our inner wise-woman, inspired by women–real and mythical (the Clan Mothers).
  • Share hugs, food, stories and sisterhood, receiving and giving support that helps us grow and feel whole, “getting it” that we are never alone

Fall -Winter Session 2022

(Note: As of Oct 16 this group is already full-up and closed to newcomers)

  • We will meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month, starting Oct 16th, 10:30am – 3:30pm for the months October 2022 through April 2023
  • We ask women to do their best to attend at least 5 of the 7 months.
  • The fee is $200 for the whole session, paid up front when you register for the group in either Oct or Nov. Half price discounts available upon request.
  • We will meet outdoors in the meadow rain or shine.
  • Please no “drop ins” in October or November.  Come only if you are committed to staying with the group through April.
  • We will cap the group size at 30, first come, first served.
  • To register: Email Therese to see if there is still room. If so, pay the registration fee via Venmo (Therese-Charvet), PayPal ( or check mailed to 9333 Holly Farm Lane, Bainbridge Is, WA 98110.  If you would like to pay cash on site, please contact me beforehand.

What we do together: Our time together includes calling in the grandmothers of the 7 Directions, talking circle, ceremony, sharing lunch, an hour of silent time in the forest, prayers and more songs. 

The Earth Mothers Circle is part of a larger fabric called the Sacred Groves Women’s Mysteries School, a weaving of teachings, gatherings, ceremonies and quests. Women involved in the Earth Mothers Circle are encouraged to consider going even deeper into “womens mysteries” by participating in a Spirit Quest, the Women’s Mysteries Retreat and/or events elsewhere such as offerings by Women of Wisdom, Womens Way Red Lodge, and Womens Summer Solstice.