Herding the Pony walls

I don’t know why it’s taking so long to get these pony walls built. Really – they are straight forward framed walls- 2×6 plates and studs, plywood nailed to one side… OK – maybe there are several reasons why it’s taking so long. First of all, the carpenter doing the work has been distracted by : shoveling dirt for the guys on the dozers, being available to wave my arms around for the guys on the dozers, spending a couple of days ‘shopping’ for conduit for the main electrical hook-up, putting together a little platform for the septic electrical system, delivering shared tools to my former ‘boss’ Dennis, borrowing shared tools from Dennis, wondering what the heck to do about the access opening into the crawl space, carrying out the idea for dealing with the access opening, coordinating the electrical trenching with the power company, getting Eddie and Sarah set up to install the conduit from the pumphouse to the main house, making phone calls about things – many of them I’ve forgotten already…. Maybe the real reason I haven’t finished this aspect of the project is that I love the idea of horses roaming free- which conjures up images of me in my cowboy boots and red cowboy hat attempting to sweet talk the large rangy horse on the hill into letting me ride it – when I was 10 and the world was still a place where kids and horses communicated in the same language- and everything was possible. By the end of this week, I’ll have to get these ponies circled up and tied into place – and my attention turned, as much as possible, on sweet talking my way onto the next phase of this exciting beautiful wild-ride

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