Summer Solstice Countdown

We have only 17 more days before the trucks arrive with our house panels on them ( view pics of the panels at the Oregon Yurtworks production yard in Eugene, Oregon). Fortunately these are the longest days ( AND shortest nights!) of the year – I might need every drop of daylight to pull together the zillion things that need to be done between now and T-day ( truck day). How lucky can we get!! Early Wednesday morning we were visited by our fairy-building inspector ( no, not THAT kind of fairy…) who blessed our project with a STOP Work Order. When Mark the dozer operator saw the sign first thing in the morning he wondered what the heck?!! However, his consternation melted to amusement when he read the grievance : No work allowed on the Eve of the Solstice per Mother Nature 603.2.1. And during our Summer Solstice festivities later that evening, one of our friends asked ‘What are all the tiny umbrellas for at the house site’ – HUNH? What umbrellas? I thought he was pulling my leg – until I took a stroll over to the site and sure enough – there were a lot of tiny colorful umbrellas and festive crepe paper festooning the construction site. The Solstice Fairies had a quite the field day romping through our construction site….

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