The heat is on!!

I’m channelling some major PUSH energy – as the countdown to T-day bears down upon us! Fortunately, Sarah is a powerhouse herself, and together we’re raising some dust! Yesterday was deliciously warm – it felt like summer. Unlike the past week – where the air was thick with drifting mists and Carmi said to me – ‘nice day….for early spring…’ C’mon summer!! And yes – when it’s warm, it gets really warm in the pit. I have renewed appreciation for the gladiators and lions wrassling it out on the floor of the Colosseum in those hot dog-days of the Roman Empire. Eddie joins us in the physical realm when he returns each afternoon from his physics class – and we give him a practical physics lesson… with a shovel. We were all on shovels yesterday as we laid out and dug the piers for the small bedroom yurts. We’ll install the steel today, and maybe get the second yurt piers ready for steel too! The structures at Oregon Yurtworks are pretty much complete – and they’re getting the pieces ready for their long truck ride up here. We’ll be ready. (view pics here, or go to the Sacred Groves homepage and find them there.. I’m encountering techie difficulties with the flickr site – it’s not letting me label the pics – and I often can’t find the pics I’ve uploaded… a call to Ariel is in order – or I’ll just wait until Therese returns from her monthly wilderness retreat and ‘let’ her deal with this glitch)

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