Welcome 2014!

2014 has arrived in a flurry of ceremonies and family gatherings. We feel blessed to spend these holy-days and holidays with open-hearted women and men, sharing good food, prayers and songs. In the nick of time, we got our 2014 calendar laid out, continuing our juicy array of eclectic offerings. Below is an overview. Hope to see you this year for more heart-warming and spirit-enlivening connections!

    Special Events in 2014

Open to women and men.

Grief Ritual Retreat March 1-2, Nov 1-2

Compassionate Listening Training–March 15 and April 19; November 22-23

Spirit Quests & Nature Retreat at Ekone Ranch–Memorial Day Week-end and Labor Day Week-end

Seasons-Change Sweatlodges –March 22, Oct 4.


Monthly “Women’s Days” at the Groves including…...
Earth Mothers Circle–2nd Saturday 10:30am-4pm. Make a year-long commitment to show up monthly, connecting to a group of sisters and the 13 Original Clan Mothers. January is start-up! Read more here.

Women’s Red Tent –Held on the Friday eve before the Earth Mothers Circle, 6-10pm. An exploration of our ‘Wild Feminine’ inner landscape, inspired by Tami Lynn Kent’s book.

Apprentices Circle Saturday evening after the Earth Mothers group. For women who want to learn from Tere and Therese about facilitating women’s ceremonies and circles. Contact Therese for more info

Women’s Rite for Healing and Empowerment
June 7-8
This week-end offers a healing opportunity for women of all ages who did not experience a Rite of Passage ceremony in adolescence.

Holistic Pelvic Care
Private appointments with Therese. This modality is effective in the re-connection of mind-heart with the pelvic bowl so as to live the full creative potential of being a juicy woman! Read more here.