Thanksgiving Gratitudes

Thanksgiving Greetings
To the many friends & beloveds
of Sacred Groves!

We wanted to take this opportunity to give thanks to all who have contributed to the Groves this past year in a variety of ways–money, love, food, hands-on help, and thoughtful, heart-felt words of support for our work here! Tere and I feel so blessed by this life we live here in these beautiful, magical Groves. We get so much delight by sharing this land with all of you, seeing and hearing how it touches you, opens your hearts, helps you feel connected and nurtured in many ways. Our lives seem to be a perfect balance of giving and receiving with our many guests. Each day we look at each other and say: “Aren’t we blessed to be living this amazing and beautiful life!?!”
2013 saw an increase in our Bed’n’Breakfast business, a steady stream of short-stay visitors who travel from near and far looking for connection to nature and inner peace in our sweet yurtlettes. Tere has done an excellent job managing the guest-lodging business. Her warm smile and charming ways make everyone feel personally welcomed and well taken care of.

The ceremonies, retreats and circles we host have also flourished in 2013. The addition of a monthly Women’s Red Tent and an Apprentice’s Circle (for women who would like to lead women’s groups themselves) have resulted in a once-monthly lively week-end gathering for many women. The sense of sisterhood has been deeply healing. We also continue to host gatherings that welcome both men and women: sweatlodges, Grief Retreat, Compassionate Listening, Season’s Change rituals, Spirit Quests and the Red Cedar Circle. In 2014 we will continue all of these.

We have also had several wonderful renters living here at Sacred Groves. Arnel Leyva enjoyed the log cabin for many months; Kaiah Hooper and Max Gordon are currently enjoying its charm and cozy-ness. We’ve been blessed by others too: Katie McDonald who hosted the B’n’B several times earlier this year when we were away; Nico Chmielewski who re-established some new native plants on the grounds here and built a magical gate; Matthew Reiss and Jenna Kuczynski who showed us how to identify chantrelles!

Thérèse and Tere continue to offer their services and leadership to groups outside of the Groves as well: Thérèse is on the board of the Sacred Earth Foundation, is on the leadership team for the Women’s Summer Solstice event, and she and Tere are actively involved in Women’s Way Red Lodge and LongDance. It is a rich and interconnected life for sure!

There is more we could report about as there is rarely a dull day around Sacred Groves! But enough is enough. In closure, we look forward to you visiting in 2014; know that all of you who visit become a part of our Sacred Groves family; we send you prayers of gratitude every day!