Ekone Ranch — Sacred Earth Foundation

Therese and Tere are deeply involved in the community at Ekone Ranch. We first visited in 2009 and fell in love with the open vistas, grassy meadows, oak and pine forests. Since 2010, we have hosted Spirit’n’Soul Quests on Sacred Earth Foundation land every year……a total of about 15 Quests and over 70 women and men have participated in this heart-opening profound experiences. We ourselves have quested there, hosted by Charlene Ray and other groups. In addition, Therese has been on the board since 2011 and is currently President; and Tere has helped with numerous building projects at the ranch. We have a sweet little trailer tucked away in the oak and pine forests there where we go for personal retreat a few times a year. Ekone Ranch is truly our “home-away-from-home.”  In fact, it WILL indeed be our long-term home as we have both made plans to be buried in the natural burial ground there…..White Eagle Memorial Preserve.

But of course!……Sacred Groves and Sacred Earth Foundation are clearly connected by our reverence for the Earth, the forests and all the creatures and beings, both seen and un-seen that wander the land in both places.

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