Spirit’n’Soul Quests

Summer Quest:  August 30 – September 4  
Open to Women and Men 

  • Do you feel a longing for deeper connection with your soul, your spirit and nature?
  • Do you feel lost, confused, unsure of your next steps or current direction?
  • Are you yearning to slow down, sort things out, feel a sense of wholeness?

Experience the profound quality of silence and solitude by spending  3 days and nights alone in the oak and pine forests, open meadows and vistas on land held in trust by Sacred Earth Foundation. (located 20 minutes out of Goldendale, WA)

A Spirit Quest can support you to….  

  • Discover Inner Peace
  • Deepen Your Sense of Being Connected Spiritually
  • Deepen Your relationship with Mother Earth & the natural world
  • Gain Clarity, Insight, Direction
  • Encounter Your True Self
  • Cultivate Grounded Health and Happiness
  • Fall in Love with Mother Earth!

What is a Quest? 

In traditional Native American culture, a Vision Quest includes setting up a sacred circle in the wilderness and spending a number of days in solitude and prayer, fasting from food and water, opening to guidance from spirit, with only a blanket for protection. People in a base camp prayerfully anchor the person with a continuous sacred fire, deep prayer and a supportive energetic container.  Our Quests are inspired by traditional Vision Quest, but they are ‘gentle-way Quests.’  Our intention is for questers to feel nurtured, connected, held-in-love by Mother Earth.

21695888973_d0efdc766f_nThe Spirit Quests we offer are shorter, simpler and less costly than many other Quests offered outside of native traditions. Our commitment is to make this experience accessible to anyone who yearns for more depth of connection to self, spirit and to nature.  We deeply believe in the restorative and healing powers of time outdoors, in prayer and quietude. We see that modern lifestyles often result in disconnection from Mother Earth’s natural rhythms, our inner guidance, and Great Mystery.  Thus, we provide a beautiful place and potent framework to support solo time in a wilderness setting, but no fancy frills. Seekers are expected to do their own advance preparations and integration afterward.


The fee for this Quest is $400.

To Register:  Register by paying $100 deposit  using the “donate” button below. Please register prior to 2 weeks before the Quest begins, so we know we have a minimum number of participants to hold the Quest. (May 17 for the Spring Quest; August 16 for the summer Quest.)   It is important for participants to prepare spiritually, mentally and logistically for this experience.  Note: if we cancel the quest we will refund any deposits paid.   UPDATE MAY 17:  THE SPRING QUEST IS HAPPENING!

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Testimonial: “Sacred Groves Quest is pure unconditional love for your soul. Guided by the dynamic duo, you feel deeply supported and held as you ceremonially set out to be one with the earth. As your mind goes still you are able to reconnect with a part of you that has been patiently and lovingly waiting. And it is there, you see not only the beauty of your surroundings but the beauty of your soul. I highly recommend this journey to everyone.” “Trina G., Seattle WA”

About Spirit and Soul …… (adapted from Bill Plotkin’s book Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth)         Quests are an opportunity to listen for guidance about your soul’s calling, i.e. the role each is born for, the singular way that s/he can serve and nurture the web of life. Soul is one’s place, a vibrant space of shimmering potential waiting to be discovered, claimed….occupied. The human soul is both psychological (mythopoetic) and ecological; it is one’s individual psycho-ecological niche. Your soul is your true home. Sitting in silence, within the beauty of the natural world, awakens our understanding and connection with our “soul.”   On the other hand, Spirit is the universal consciousness, intelligence, psyche, or vast imagination that animates the cosmos and everything in it –including ourselves–and in which the psyche of each person participates. Spirit has many names. We choose to call it “Great Mystery.”

Join us for Questing to nurture your Soul and connect with ‘Spirit’ by listening to the many voices of Mother Earth, your own heart and body!