Gratitude as 2015 coasts to its end

Therese and Tere after a Rite-of-Passage ceremony for a group of girls from Journeys

2015 was a rich and wonderful year for Tere and I! Here at the Groves, we were blessed with hundreds of women and men who joined us for our retreats, ceremonies and circles; hosted hundreds of Airbnb guests who enjoyed the healing quality of our guest yurts; and shared this land, co-creating “community” with 7 men and women who live as residents here. We also hosted hundreds of tree-climbers who went up in the canopy with Nico Honeylion and other guides from AdventureTerra and two groups of girls from Rite of Passage Journeys. With Katey and Chris who live here at Sacred Groves. we got a small flock of chickens, built a coop and chicken yard, grew flowers, veggies and herbs in our gardens, culled fire-wood from the woods and grew grass in the meadows. This land holds us in a thousand beautiful ways, supports us financially and energetically, and feeds our souls with beauty….blessing us hundred-fold!. Life is GOOD

We participated in events and opportunities away from the Groves as well: offering a Family Camp and Spirit’h’Soul Quests at Ekone Ranch, participating in a “Becoming a Conscious Elder” series offered by Rite of Passage Journeys and once again joining our favorite women’s camps– Womens Summer Solstice and Womans Way LongDance. We are involved in the board and community at Ekone Ranch and participated in Charlene Ray’s Living and Dying Quest there as well. Therese offered a 2 day Compassionate Listening training at TACID in Tacoma, and spent 4 days with Tami Lynn Kent refreshing her skills in Holistic Pelvic Care.

1001377_10153115444955393_646051994_nIn addition to all this…..we spent time with dear friends and family (including our beloved grandson), went camping together, and spent some days in silence and retreat to renew our connection with Great Spirit-Great Mystery. Its a beauty-way life and we are so grateful to be living the dream.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO SUPPORTED US WITH YOUR LOVE, YOUR DONATIONS, YOUR PRAYERS and WELL-WISHES! May the time you spent here at the Groves continue to bless you in 100 beautiful ways!