Happy Spring from the Groves

The Groves gardens are in bloom and glory as never before–thanks to the efforts of guests and residents, some who came for a few hours, others who took-on a long-term project (like making, planting and tending a raised bed) and saw it through.  As I look around at the beauty, I feel such gratitude for the many hands and hearts that have contributed their time and efforts over the past 5 years!

Medicine Wheel Garden-Spring 2012

Most recently, flowers and helping hands young and old showed up at our Spring Equinox celebration, planting a variety of colorful flowers in the Medicine Wheel Garden. Thanks to just the right balance of sunshine and rain, the flowers continue to bloom a month later. The sweet round shape of the garden was laid out and first planted at our Spring Equinox party in 2009. Now in its 4th year, we don’t have to work quite so hard as flowers and shrubs planted in years past re-bloom! Check out this beautiful flowering currant–a native shrub that was planted in 2008…..Its been flowering now for several weeks, delighting us with its pink-red bountiful flowers.

Update about our residential community: As of April 2012, we have two parties renting structures at Sacred Groves, but don’t have an active “intentional community.” We share the Round House and yurts with a steady stream of short-term guests, and continue to host our circles, ceremonies and small retreats. We aren’t sure when or if our original vision of intentional community will eventually manifest or whether something else will arise. We feel a sense of trust in the healing power and beauty of all that we have created here, knowing that these Sacred Groves have a life of their own. At this point we are happy to welcome the many guests who are drawn to the healing energy of this place. We continue to keep our eyes and hearts open for the right people who might co-create a stable intentional community with us here, but are happy to wait “in the mystery” enjoying the current chapter we are in the midst of. Read more about this here.

We’re coming into the season of long days and increasing warmth–WOO HOO! We’re offering some special events in the coming months: Compassionate Listening Intensive in early May, Spirit Quests at Ekone Ranch in late May and early September, our Women’s Rite Retreat in early June. In addition, we will continue to offer our regular monthly ceremonies and events, generally clustered one week-end a month. We’ll also be joining some other women’s events such as Women’s Summer Solstice (late June) and Women’s Way LongDance (late July) Life is rich and wonderful and we continue to fill-ourselves-up with good people, deep prayer and ceremony, beautiful outdoor settings and of course–GOOD FOOD! Join us at the Groves for some of this goodness–you’ll be glad you did!