End-of-year News

Year-end 2011–News from the Groves

2011 slides to an end during this dark corner of the year as we approach Winter Solstice. Thanksgiving is a great time to stop, make note of and give thanks for all that has come our way. We’ve been blessed with many wonderful guests who have attended ceremonies, circles, classes and stayed overnight at our B’n’B. Indeed, it has been a steady stream of open-hearted seekers coming to the Groves for a sense of community, healing, to connect with each other, Mother Earth and Great Spirit.

Here’s a summary of all that happened here in 2011:

  • Each month we hosted a women’s group (Earth Mothers Circle), an opportunity for grief support (Wailing Ritual and Grief Retreat), the Red Cedar Circle and a Family Constellations group.
  • Each season we’ve offered a seasons change celebration and a sweatlodge.
  • Music performances have happened in the Round House: Songweavers, Che-oke-ten (Paul Wagner) and our home-grown drumming events and classes.
  • Compassionate Listening training and Wilderness Quests were each offered this year.
  • The Women’s Mysteries School included the Women’s Rite Retreat, a crone-initiation journey, and welcome-to-womanhood rituals for teen girls.
  • We hosted a group from Rite of Passage Journeys and other private groups for sweatlodges and ceremonies.
  • The Moonlodge, our Guest Room and Guest Yurt have had many overnight guests.
  • Therese has offered private counseling sessions, mentorship and compassionate listening training to individuals.
  • This list feels big and our hearts are full! Many thanks to all of you who came to the Groves this past year, bringing your good energy, financial contributions, big love and full-hearted participation. We arrive at the end of this year with a sense of abundance and much gratitude for the many gifts that have been showered upon us. We hope all of you who have visited have felt blessed by your time here.