Good news for a troubled world

Things at the Groves are wonderful in their small, simple way this summer… usual we welcomed the new season with joyous song, dance, ceremony and silly-ness in two different events, drumming and dancing June 19, Summer Solstice Ritual June 20th. We do indeed feel we are living in the “Whirling Rainbow Dream” here. But elsewhere in the world, things are not so good. Oil is spilling into the Gulf of Mexico in alarming amounts every day, coastal and ocean wildlife habitats are being devastated….And the Gulf of Mexico is only one troubled place among many. I just heard that there is an oil spill in Nigeria that is as big (or bigger) than the Gulf spill and its been spewing oil for nearly a decade.(Read more here.) Not to mention the many wars, the refugee camps, prisons, slums and polluted places all over the globe!

As near as I can tell, a powerful and important tool for “holding” and hopefully healing our current global situation is prayer/intention. Here’s a link to follow for guidance from the ancient grandmothers, from a website called Their messages tell us ways to bring our love and positive energy to the “net of light” in the face with the wars, environmental destruction, greed and poverty of our current world, with the intention of restoring harmony and balance.

Following is a wonderful statement for/about our current world leaders that came from an organization called “The Intenders for the Highest Good.” I hope you are as inspired as I was by this statement that calls forth the positive, rather than dwelling in a negative view about our current political leaders. We need to envision a new world and this kind of approach will help usher it in!!

If you want to join your prayers with others, do join us here in the Groves in the coming months. The Red Cedar Circle and Wailing Ritual are each offered monthly. Our next sweatlodge is July 10th. These are powerful rituals that will help transform you and our world, bringing in more love, harmony and authenticity.
Ceremony ignites the spark of enthusiasm.
It ignites the light of willpower.
It gives man the strength to carry on,
to move forward, to have motivation.

When you get into one of those moods where you feel like you can’t make a difference, or like your life is out of control, you can always turn to ceremony to give you a boost. Indeed, that’s one of the great things about ceremony: it catapults you up and out of your apathy. It ignites the spark of willpower within you. Ceremony is like medicine for the lost soul.

~ An Open Letter to the Leaders of the World ~

On one hand, we want to thank you. You have provided us with such adversity and it is this that has finally made us stronger. You have been formidable foes, but we are learning that this world will get better only when we love our fellow travelers and see the good in each one of them. We know that every bad guy has a good guy inside. And we know that spark of divine essence that dwells deep within our own beings, also lies deep within yours.

If you were to come and join us at our table, you would find curiosity, friendship, and forgiveness. Just because you have treated us badly does not mean that we hold a grudge against you. We would, however, expect you to understand that we reject your authority and that you will find no support for your plans and schemes among us. We simply no longer choose to be manipulated.

Although there will be obstacles, we are willing to start over. We are prepared to be responsible for our own lives now. We must discard your Cards, Vaccines, and Chip Implants because they have too many strings attached. We must turn off your television and radio programs until their messages become uplifting. And we will start to rebuild our lives, without your help, by first living together in small self-sufficient communities. If need be, we will grow our own food in our backyards as well as in common areas, and we will barter and trade among ourselves. We will also nurture our children with foresight, and learn to love and heal each other so peace and freedom can return to all of our lives.

As we see it, you are also being stalked by your own evolution and you will change. You cannot avoid being drawn out of your secrecy at this time. The only path left for you to follow is one of conscience. Like us, you are realizing that there is no separation between you and what you perceive. We are all beginning to understand that when we inflict pain or hardship on others, we inflict it upon ourselves. Once you fully comprehend what you are doing to yourself, you won’t be able to continue. Enlightenment is coming to all who renounce conflict and violence. Even an unscrupulous, sophisticated robber baron can evolve into a higher, more loving entity. He is no less entitled to the Grace of our Great Creator than the people he has conspired against.

Just that one small transformation in your attitude whereby you begin to see, without blinders, that you only lack the opening of your heart in order to take the next step — a step for which you are poised and ready, but which all of your power and money cannot provide for you. Isn’t it ironic, now, that you have dared for generations to hide our own hearts from us? Ever since we were trusting little schoolchildren reciting your pledges and practicing your patriotic ceremonies, you deceptively taught us to place our hand over our heart on the left side of our chest! Only now are we locating our hearts in the exact center of our chests, and we are learning how to activate the ¬wondrous feelings that have long slept dormant within us.

The people of the Earth yearn for the day when we will all live together in peace. You cannot stop us from advancing toward the love we all deserve. That glorious moment nears, when, instead of being adversaries, we will stand together as brothers and sisters whose consciences have awakened, as equals whose time of heaven on Earth has come. Until then: for all the people who needlessly suffer and die because of your economic and political manipulations; and for all the animals who face extinction or life in a cage that doesn’t even allow them enough space to turn around; and for all the beautiful plants and trees of the forests who burn indiscriminately, we ask one last question. Why must you continue to bring harm and havoc to all the living things of the Earth when your own truest happiness would automatically come from helping us instead?

From The Intenders of the Highest Good Novel