it’s only Tuesday and we’re done!!!

Phew!!! We did it!!! We passed the electrical final inspection!! yes- it WAS a big deal – because it’s the last hurdle before the City of Bainbridge Island can issue us a Certificate of Completion ( OK – there’s the septic system certification in the pipeline that COBI also needs – but I don’t have anything to do with that at this stage). So – whether or not we’ll get the COC before I go to Costa Rica next week is a moot point. The real point is that now we can relax – this phase of the push is over!!!(check out the latest pics ) We embarked on this electrical work in October – and we’ve valiantly blundered forward ( with the requisite several steps backward at each lurch) from drilling holes in the studs ( thank you Sarah!) to pulling the wires – often several times ( thank you Sarah!), to pulling the big main wires through the conduits ( Thank you Sarah and Teagan and Carol and Jodie and Robert and Dennis K), to installing breakers at the panel ( many thanks to Carol and Dennis K and Annie) , to installing outlets and switches ( thanks to Carol, Jodie, Teagan, Sarah, Dennis K, Annie), to firing up the main panel ( thank you Dennis and Annie) and getting the yurtlette panels hot and functioning ( thank you Annie) – and the many hours and many gray hairs that pushed their way out of my head as I struggled with the spaghetti of wires pushing their way out of the many many three and four way switches ( what was I thinking?!!). Anyway – our 5 month apprenticeship is OVER!!( the only difference between me and someone who’s gone thru the entire 5 year apprenticeship program is that they understand what they’re doing….). Have you noticed a theme in this tale….that Sarah has had a hand in just about every stage of this house building. And she’s turning into quite the kick-ass carpenter!! She’s already garnered several offers from other builders. Her humor, can-do attitude ( and ‘attitude’), willingness to jump in to any project, desire to learn, and generally being a good sport and good egg have made it a pleasure to come to work every day, and made her an indispensable part of this home!!! Sarah – you rock!!!