expando foam insulation arrives!

We’ve been on a ‘push’ to get the wiring and everything else that will be hidden in the walls completed before the insualtion is installed. I”ve used this kind of insulation ( Icynene ) before – and it’s touted as one of the many varieties of ‘green’ ( ie environmentally friendly ) insulation – i like it because of the claims that the only by-product of installing it is carbon dioxide that’s released in the air ( not formaldehyde or urethane ) and that it does NOT wick moisture. And Carol, my dear electrician friend, bless her heart, spent her Sunday with me, trouble shooting the various receptacle and light switch boxes that Teagan and Sarah have been pulling wire into per my instructions. We wanted to make sure that once the walls were covered in foam, that each of the boxes had the correct configuration of power-in and power-out and that the lights and receptacles would work according to plan. Teagan and I ran the last-minute wire for some bright lights that will illuminate the beautiful ceiling…if we find the right fixtures for less than the $250 each that the lighting designer showed us… the next time we light up the wood stove – we’re gonna be cooking! I can hardly wait! see new pics!