Day 6–the roof panels go up!

Wednesday was EXCITING! A big boom truck showed up in the late morning, set its ‘feet’ and began moving roof panels. There were 7 of us on the team, including our former Groves-mate Walter, who used to work with cranes in the shipyard. Jonas, Walt and David were on the roof. Tere, Therese, Troy and Sarah were hooking up the pieces from the big piles of ‘roof wafers’ and Evan ran back and forth between the two groups. For 4 hours the big wafers were carried to the roof. However, after a couple minor incidents, Tere began to have safety concerns worried that the boom-operator was not fully attentive. Tere called the trucking company, expressed her concerns and then took a deep breath and decided to send the truck (and its driver) home. Another boom truck and driver will show up this morning (Thursday) to finish the last 14 panels. What a week it has been!