Jonas arrived last night while we were all in the log cabin eating dinner – we finally caught up with him around 8:30 PM – after he had taken measurements, checked the squareness of things, and generally gotten a handle on the site. We started this morning at 8am with a little circle and a blessing – asking for protection and health and well-being from the powers-that-be….. and then we kicked butt! Or rather, my butt got kicked!! By lunch-time we’d gotten most of the main floor installed. And by 6pm, when we stopped for the day – we’d stood the walls at the main round part of the house. Jonas is a wonderful manager and a great guy to work with. We were eager to ‘get things done’ and he was great about helping to keep us on track. At noon, we took a lunch break – and Kendra had created a delicious and amazing sandwich bar that all we had to do was show up with our appetites and eat, and she generously took care of the rest! Thank you Kendra for lunch AND cleaning up!! Yeah – one of the many benefits of living in community – lot’s of hands make light work of everything! The day essentially passed in one long adrenaline run – from huffing the floor panels into place, and nailing them off – to hoisting the wall panels up on their ends and nailing them together at the top and then at the bottom. Not much drama or excitement – but verry satisfying and gratifying in the progress department. Well, it’s true that the ‘womens’ team dropped one wall as just a couple of us were trying to do the work of at least 3 – 4… but no big deal… just a reminder to slow down, wait until all of us were able to be there before we stood the wall… By the end of the day – we all stood back, amazed and awed by how much we had accomplished – this pit that we’ve been working with for months suddenly took on the shape of a dwelling – a habitable structure! And tomorrow – we will see all the walls up, and at least some of the beams installed – as the roof begins to take shape as well! Wahoooo! And whewweeee – are we tuckered out!

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