OK, now we’re really READY!

Wahoooo!! We’re ready for the house delivery! Sarah and Eddie and Therese and I cleaned the site up, moved material, spread pea gravel, and generally tidied things up for the big day. Since the trucks are not due to arrive until Wednesday – Therese and I are heading into the mountains for a few days of chill-out. I haven’t been out in the wilderness at all this year – and I know I can use a little bit of ‘not-doing’. I feel so much gratitude for all the help that has come our way ( Eddie, Austin, Sarah, Gordon, Francis, David K, Troy, Josh and crew, and many many more friends), for the weather, gratitude that we’ve all been safe and healthy, and that we seem to be getting things done in just the right amount of time. I’m excited and looking forward to working with the big crew that will assemble on July 16!!! (more pics!)

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