A new community house is born!

In early 2006, we were catalyzed to build a new home here at Sacred Groves, a home for Tere and Therese to share with a few others, to expand our residential facilities and community living on this beautiful land. Therese has always had a dream of a round house and Oregon Yurtworks is helping us make this a reality with their beautiful designs. This photo is similar to what our new community house will look like. This new structure will be the heart and hearth of the Sacred Groves community, home for 4-6 residents. We will share the space in a communal manner similar to how the 4 of us currently living in the Groves now share the log cabin. Residents will have private space in one of the house bedrooms or in cabins detached from the house. Our intention is for those sharing this communal house to have a good blend of privacy and shared-life. We want to model a “small is beautiful” lifestyle with each person ‘downsizing’ to private spaces generally less than 300sq. feet. We intend to share cars, kitchen, bathroom and laundry with a commitment to the spiritual and personal growth required for community living. In May 2007, our dream is becoming a reality. We have ‘broken ground’ for the new house and the foundation is being built with carpenter Tere Carranza at the helm. Watch this blog for progress as the house grows.

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