Women’s Red Tent

2020 Dates

March 22, 12noon to 5pm  —Red Tent ‘Lounge’ with lunch and collage-making

June 13, August 15, October 17, 2pm to 9:30pm –Red Tent Lounge, potluck dinner (5:30pm), evening music, movement and circle-sharing

The Red Tent ‘Lounge’–soak in our outdoor hot tub and afterwards get swaddle-wrapped in the Red Tent, enjoying the delicious experience of dozing off, ending with a body-blessing. Other pampering options (massage and reiki) may be available. This is also an opportunity to hang out, walk the land, chat with other women, be nurtured. A light lunch will be provided.     Fee:  $25

Red Tent Talking Circle, an opportunity to explore and experience our connection to the sacred feminine , the mystery and power of our sacred bowls (pelvis) and our womb-an wisdom, inspired by the drum, songs and movement as well as exercises and rituals from the book Wild Feminine  (more on this below)   Fee: $20-25

    Things to bring:

*Food to contribute to the snack table and/or the evening potluck.
*Your $$ contribution
For soaking in the tub and the swaddle-wrap afterwards: Towel, big flannel or cotton flat sheet, robe or sarong-type wrap

More about what happens in the Red Tent Talking Circle: Our Red Tent is inspired by and includes exercises/visualizations from the book Wild Feminine, written by Tami Lynn Kent, as well as songs and prayers gathered by Therese and Tere from women’s mysteries traditions of the Si.Si.Wiss Medicine ways (an indigenous spiritual path from the peoples of the Salish Sea) and from Sobonfu Some, Thérèse’s mentor from Burkina Faso Africa.

Wild Feminine includes a combination of pelvic-centered self-care tools–bodywork, energy work, visualizations and other creative exercises. It offers a unique approach for women to cultivate their creative center and manifest their joy. By restoring bodily and energetic balance within the pelvic bowl, women become empowered to care for themselves in a nourishing and respectful manner, deepen their personal connection to the divine, heal spiritual fractures and redefine their feminine identity.   Thérèse is actually a certified practitioner in Holistic Pelvic Care, a womens healing modality developed by Tami Lynn Kent.  Follow this link to read more about it.

“When women join hands and hearts, the upraised fist is transformed into a spiral of cooperation and mutual empowerment that can change the world.” In Lak’ech: I am Another You. (Musawa 2013)

More about the Red Tent Movement… (from the book The Red Tent Movement: A Historical Perspective—more info about this book below)
There are thousands of women across the globe who are bringing forth their gifts as Red Tent leaders in their communities. Women who are standing in their power are essential to shifting present paradigms; these pioneers are a balm to an ailing world. But after years of oppression, how do women rise up out of trauma to remember the beauty that lives at one’s core? How do we strip away that which prevents us from rising as wise female leaders? This reclamation work is what many are a part of because when we find our voices, our inspired action, and our needed vision then we stand a better chance at creating a world we can thrive in. And it is with this spirit that the Red Tent movement has flourished as a global phenomenon.

10487251_557623004387288_2185978773263226907_nMost women have heard of the Red Tent because they read the book. The Red Tent, a novel by Anita Diamant, which was published in 1997, was a story of women who come together in a menstrual hut, known as the Red Tent. The book is a fictional feminist retelling of the biblical tale of the story of Dinah. The book is presented through Dinah’s eyes and those of the women around her. The story showed us how the women raised young daughters who were taught the secrets held for women by women through initiation, stories, and relationships. For many, the story resonated deeply and caused us to question if there was a place like this in our society.

Have you ever wondered...

  • What if you could have your own circle of women each month in a Red Tent in your neighborhood?
  • What if our daughters were brought up to expect some kind of honoring when they had their first period?
  • What happens in our modern culture when we hold Red Tents for women?

Are you curious to know…..? …..THen JOIN US at our Sacred Groves Red Tent and become part of an uprising of woman’s culture where we each are connected at the root, in our sacred bowls, catalyzing our creative potential through our belly wisdom!

To see the trailer for the beautiful film, “Things We Don’t Talk About…Womens Stories from the Red Tent” …. click here.

Check out this new audio book and e-book: The Red Tent Movement: A Historical Perspective by Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD and ALisa Starkweather. For more info about the book, click here.