A warm start

Phew – we were fried by the time we packed it in yesterday – and in spite of the heat – we made great progress. Installing the inside forms was not as difficult as I thought and in a few short hours we got more than 3/4 of them up! Therese popped in and out throughout the day – hauling piles of chopsaw cut-offs and organizing the recycling / garbage area. As well as providing watermelon and keeping the water jug filled and bringing me lunch! All this besides the general work of keeping the Groves running smoothly… Francis stopped by long enough to help get Gordon’s refilled oxygen tank down into the pit and inspect the progress. The crew for Friday’s pour is coalescing – I think we’ll have plenty of hands – let’s hope we have enough ice-cubes for the post-pour-margaritas. We’re starting at 8am today – hoping to beat some of the heat – the temps are slated to be even warmer today! Oh – and Oregon Yurtworks plans to deliver the packages ( 3 truckloads of house-panels) July 9 – 11, and their foreman will arrive July 16 for the BIG HOUSE raising party! We’re still assembling the crew for this two week adventure….

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