ReClaim Retreat

RECLAIM Retreat: August 5th – 7th
Liberating the Feminine Spirit from Patriarchy 

Facilitated by Lauren Herold; includes a sweatlodge facilitated by Therese and Tere.
Other guest leaders will bring their gifts: Kjersti Sangrey and Katy Pavlis – gifted colleagues, fellow wise woman healers and ceremonial sisters, will join Lauren in sharing teachings and holding space for the shamanic healing portion of the weekend.

Arrive Friday 8/5 between 3-6pm. Opening ceremony begins at 6:30pm Friday evening. Teachings end Sunday afternoon at 4.

Women of all ages and orientations are welcome to attend. Teachings around the moontime, menstruation and uterine mysteries will be shared.  This work is rooted in and inspired by topics in Lauren’s past RECLAIM classes, however the material will be different- those who have attended and received benefit from past RECLAIM workshops will resonate strongly with this retreat.

Fees: $300 includes meals, lodging, sweatlodge and the rest of the program.

Space is limited to 15 women, so make sure to reserve your spot if you’re called! Email Lauren here to be added to the list for further details as they are solidified.


This altar is dedicated to wisely unweaving women from the indoctrination, restriction and bindings of the Patriarchy and reclaiming the power and sovereignty of their voice, bodies and Truth. I work with women who, having felt disempowered by the patriarchal influence in the modern world and its questionable spirituality, want to take their power back, unweave themselves from the oppression, and remember, activate and embody the Wise Woman that they are.

In RECLAIM Workshops, we…

  • Respectively and objectively explore concepts around the Patriarchy to demonstrate how this has impacted women’s relationship with their truth, power and bodies
  • Reclaim the sacred template of a woman’s circle as a force for positive change
  • Receive shamanic healing to facilitate the dismantling of these restrictive archetypal programs from our beings and create space for reclamation and return of power
  • Make ceremony together and offer healing prayers for our selves, humanity and the Earth