Kiva Winter Dreaming Ceremony

Note: This event is not facilitated by Therese and Tere; it is an event from the group “Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge,” held at Sacred Groves.  To RSVP, please follow the instructions below (rather than contact Therese and Tere)

You’re Invited…
12227131_10153080639721607_7096701755862461436_nThe Kiva Winter Dreaming Ceremony is an all night ceremony of reflection, emptying and silence.
We will dive deep into the self and focus on dreaming for the coming new year.
When: January 9th – January 10th, 6pm – 10am
Where: Sacred Groves, Bainbridge Island, WA
Ceremony Fee: $80
Space is limited. To register click here.
Upon registering, you will receive an email with further details of what to bring.

Winter has its own magic. A time when nature turns in, and everything slows down. Plants go deep inside their roots, animals hibernate. Life takes on a different form, it turns within to dream. Our ancestors honored the energy of winter. They spent more time inside, told stories, harvested the learning from their experiences, and spent time dreaming. In alignment with the energies of this season, we have the opportunity to slow down and turn our awareness inwards.

The Kiva Winter Dreaming Ceremony honors the turning in of winter. Guides will burn a bright fire all night long. They will lead you through various experiences which will awaken you to the energies of winter: darkness, mystery and conscious dreaming. The intention of these experiences is provide the opportunity to acknowledge your past year, all the opportunities, events, and people that have influenced your growth. Kiva is a way of emptying yourself and preparing for the new year, shedding your leaves for the winter so in the spring you may begin anew.

If cost is a concern, please contact us for alternate arrangements.