We are fascinated by the energy of ‘living in the round.’ skylight domeSomehow yurts bring in feminine energy. They help shift our paradigm from being too linear, invite in the circular, spiral way of living and being. We have several yurts here at Sacred Groves. The Round House and yurtlettes were purchased from Oregon Yurtworks (now out of business, sad to say).

The Round House
West Side Round House
The Round House is our community center for the residents here. In addition, the Great Room and kitchen are a perfect venue for some of our gatherings. The space is magical and inviting.

The Yurtlettes
yurtaThere are two yurtlettes near the Round House. The yurtlettes are ‘detached bedrooms’ and are used for overnight guests.



The Moonlodge
MoonlodgeThe Moonlodge is our women’s lodge and was the first yurt on the property. It is the place where our women’s ceremonies happen and where women do personal retreats. You can read more about it and see more photos here. This model of yurt can be purchased now from Ranier Yurts.

The Dome
The dome is located in the meadow and is used as a rain shelter for meadow events and a place to change clothing during sweatlodges. This model of dome/yurt is available from Shelter Systems.
The dome

For more photos and a “tour” of Sacred Groves, check out this link to a story on the “Offbeat Home” website.