sweatlodgeA sweatlodge is a powerful purification ritual that has been passed to the modern world from Native American and other First Nations’ people. It involves sitting on Mother Earth, in complete darkness, in a simple lodge. Hot rocks are brought in from a fire pit, water is poured on them, prayers are spoken and sung. The ceremony generally lasts several hours starting when the fire is laid and lit. After the rocks are heated, participants enter the lodge for four “rounds,” conducted by the leader of the lodge, the “pourer,” who leads the prayers, songs and ceremony.

Open sweatlodges for men and women are offered once a season (except summer), around the time of the season’s change, generally co-facilitated by Therese and Tere. The winter sweatlodge is always on New Years Day, an annual tradition for the Groves.  2019 open sweatlodges for men and women are scheduled for Jan 1, April 7 and Oct 6.   Sweatlodges are sometimes offered as part of our Grief Retreats.

Therese and Tere offer women-only sweatlodges during the Womens Mysteries Retreat and at Womens Summer Solstice.

There is a mens sweatlodge scheduled for Saturday February 23rd 2019, led by V.Calvez.  For more information about this, contact V by email:  vcalvez@gmail.com

sweatlodge fireWe feel honored and humbled to offer a modern version of this ancient ceremony at Sacred Groves. Our sweatlodge/prayer lodge is a “Rainbow Lodge” which means we welcome people from all spiritual paths and our ways are not associated with any particular tribe.  We want to make it clear: this is not a traditional Native American sweatlodge.  A woman named Connor Sauer, who was mentored in sweatlodge by Lakota elders, was Therese’s primary role model for this potent healing ceremony.  In addition, Therese and Tere have both been inspired by their own ancestral lineages. Working with fire, water, stones, steam and darkness, sitting on the earth in healing ceremonies has been part of many ancient cultures around the world. Thus knowledge about how to do this arises from deep within, inspired by our own great great grandmother medicine women.

It is our intention is to show deep respect for the traditions of First Nations peoples.   We always  offer prayers of gratitude to those who kept it alive through the decades when it was illegal, send prayers to the native peoples who still currently struggle with the consequences of genocide, and have found various ways to make reparations.  For more information about indigenous Native American teachings, click here for First Peoples Voices and click here for Four Directions Teachings..

This ceremony generally takes all day…..we ask folks to arrive mid-morning and are generally not complete until early evening.  Exact details about arrival times are included in the prep info we send out prior to the event, which is why it is important that everyone planning to attend MUST RSVP.  More information about our Sacred Groves lodge and how to prepare for the ceremony at the bottom of this page.

Donations for Sweatlodge: There is not a required fee for our open sweatlodge ceremonies. We propose a ‘suggested donation’ of $25-50, put out a basket and receive what is offered. If it is more convenient for you, you may confirm your intention to attend the upcoming sweatlodge by making an on-line donation in advance using the “donate” button below.

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Occasionally a group requests that a private sweatlodge facilitated by Therese and Tere. In this case, we do request a minimum donation of $300.

We also open our lodge to outside groups who want to manage their own sweatlodge ceremony using our facilities. In such cases we request $150 for firewood and use of the meadow.

More information about Sweatlodge/Prayer Lodge at Sacred Groves
An overview of the ceremony is this: A ceremonial fire is laid with 25-40 stones in the fire. The fire burns for 2+ hours heating the stones. While the stones are heating we cover the lodge with blankets, connect with the fire and make prayer bundles to help focus our intentions. Once the rocks are heated, we enter the lodge. Some of the stones are brought in with a pitchfork. The door is covered. We sit in total darkness, praying and singing for as long as it takes for everyone to say their prayers, led by the “water-pourer” who pours water on the stones to create steam after each prayer. When the time is right, the door is opened and that “round” is over. People can get out and cool off between rounds. We usually do four rounds.

We believe there are two different ways and “places” to experience the sweatlodge: being inside the lodge in the heat, darkness and intensity; or sitting outside tuning into the magic of the fire, supporting the fire-tender and the door. Being outside is a deep, long nature meditation with the fire, rich and rewarding in its own way as the sweatlodge fire is alive and full of messages. Sometimes (rarely) so many people show up, that there isn’t room inside the lodge for everyone. We ask people to open to the mystery about where you will be called that day…..it is a sacred and powerful experience whether you are inside or outside.

Health Concerns: This ceremony involves sitting on the ground in complete darkness in hot, steamy close quarters,. If you have physical/health concerns that may be adversely affected by these conditions it would be best if you experienced the lodge outside by the fire rather than inside. We ask that those who come into the lodge take full responsibility for monitoring their health and well being. If anyone starts feeling badly, we will open the door. If you need to leave the lodge, you can do so..

Preparations for the Day

When you come into the lodge, you will be bringing with you your four sacred bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) that are reflected in the four sacred directions of the ancient medicine wheel. It is important for you to begin ahead of time to thoughtfully/prayerfully prepare each of these bodies. You are each responsible for choosing/creating what that preparation looks like. For the physical body, it could mean altering your regular eating/drinking habits for some days prior to the lodge. If you use sugar, tobacco, alcohol or recreational drugs, it would be best to clear your system of these the day of the lodge. On the emotional side, you might reflect on what feelings, resentments, and patterns you are holding onto that no longer serve your life, and open to releasing them. In the mental realm, you might choose a practice that empties your mind, and opens it up to receiving new insights and understandings that may be “beyond thought”. In the spiritual realm you might take time to receive and articulate prayers of thanksgiving for what has just passed and intentions for the coming year. Our preparations will be unique to each one of us. Our prayer bundles will hold our very personal intentions.

Women on their Moontime

In many Native American traditions, women on their moontime (i.e. menstruating) are not welcome in the lodge. We’ve heard a couple different reasons for this: first because the energy of a menstruating woman is so powerful, it is believed it can affect the energy of others; and second, because women on their moontime are so open they can pick up energy and emotions from others in the lodge. Here at Sacred Groves, we believe a woman’s moontime is a potent time for prayer and ceremony. Woman who happen to be menstruating on the day of the sweatlodge are encouraged to consider the issues above and choose the place that feels right: inside the lodge, outside the lodge by the fire, or in the nearby MoonLodge here at the Groves for a private ceremony in womb-an’s space.