dogwoodThérèse offers counseling for individuals and also offers couples counseling teaching Compassionate Listening methods and tools that help couples listen more fully and openly to each other, preventing conflicts from escalating into damaging, painful severances.

When working with individuals, she utilizes full-hearted listening and reflection, her intuition, and ritual to support people through challenging times, leading them to find the answers to their problems from within their own hearts and inner wisdom. When asked, she offers advice based on her own experience and healing process, teaches meditation and other centering techniques, offers suggestions for using various natural healing agents.

Fees: Therese requests a minimum of $50 for an hour of her counseling/coaching time.

Counseling for Women: Because of her experience in midwifery, Therese specializes in working with women. She offers her counseling and healing services for women in the magical, nurturing space of the Moonlodge. She believes all women have a unique gift to bring the world, that the wounds and challenges we deal with can be the springboard for tremendous spiritual growth and personal transformation if we can frame them as opportunities rather than road-blocks. For the survival of our Mother Earth and the health of the human family, the time is NOW for women to claim their intelligence, power, intuition and rightful place as equal partners with men in solving the current problems facing us.

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