What are Women’s Mysteries?

6279239362_befd34debf_nThe female body that is the temple for a woman’s emotions and spirit contains many mysteries. The onset of menstruation and monthly cycles, akin to the phases of the moon, mark the entry into these mysteries. Many cultures believe there is a special spiritual power available to women during their Moontime and have special ceremonies to honor a young woman at this time.

Our sexuality is another mystery to be explored; the role of lover is a rich learning ground; connecting sexuality and spirituality is an important link for enhancing both aspects of our womanhood.

The next mystery, pregnancy (along with labor, the process of giving birth and breastfeeding) are another part of the journey. Many women have deeply spiritual experiences as part of their passage into and journey with motherhood. Women who do not have children experience aspects of this mystery in other creative and/or nurturing ways: giving birth to art, books, their work in the world, nurturing others’ children, elders etc. …i.e. any time we bring forth new life from our creative center and bring our nurturing hearts to someone or something we care about, we dance with the mystery of birth and mothering.

Womens Mysteries

Then, as our bodies age, there are the mysteries associated with our approach to menopause. This is a time when many women are stepping into their power more fully. Eventually, our monthly bleeding cycles cease altogether and women enter the last mysterious phase, that of the Crone.

In addition to the mysteries associated with our body’s cycles and seasons, there are many other women’s mysteries: magical connections with our mothers, sisters, daughters; spirituality connected our intuition and guidance from within; claiming our emotions, personal power, intelligence, speaking our truth. Each woman is on a personal journey to claim the full-ness of her womanhood. This journey proceeds in a spiral-like way as we go around the wheel of life, re-visiting different phases as we move toward the center.

Teachings, rituals, services for women at different phases of life:
Welcome to Womanhood: The Maiden
The Nurturing Mother
The Queen, The Priestess
The Crone

What is the Sacred Groves Women’s Mysteries School?

Since 1993 the Moonlodge (and grounds) at Sacred Groves have held hundreds of women’s ceremonies, circles, personal retreats, gatherings, and rites of passage. The Sacred Groves Women’s Mysteries School is a fabric woven of these experiences, past and current, woven anew each month, each new ceremony. The loom is held by Therese Charvet, owner-director of Sacred Groves, initially developed during her many years of midwifery, assisting women giving birth, then watching women come into their power through education and group synergy (at Seattle midwifery School and with various midwifery professional organizations). Concurrently, for many years she wove in a variety of other women’s conferences, ceremonies and groups including Women’s Way Long Dance, Women of Wisdom conferences, singing with the Sacred Fire Choir, attending Women’s Summer Solstice Camp, hosting groups from Rite of Passage Journeys and Teen Talking Circle.

Truth is, women are joining together in ceremony and song all over the earth….and it is important for our world and the future for our children that we do! READ MORE ABOUT THIS: Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women by Jean Shinoda Bolen.

Go to the calendar for the Groves Women’s Mysteries School.

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