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The Maiden

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When a girl become a young woman and her body begins to change, she enters a new stage of life, moving from girl-hood into the “Maiden” phase. This phase includes learning from and about monthly cycles , our connection to the moon, about how to tap into the spiritual wisdom of these cycles and connection. Ideally this is a period of innocence and learning, an apprenticeship in “women’s mysteries.”

According to the book The Women’s Wheel of Life, other aspects of this phase include “The Daughter” and “The Blood Sister.” This phase is about entering and centering in a woman’s body.

Because of the lack of rituals in our American culture, many women have not experienced the pride and integration that comes with being honored and welcomed during a “Rite of Passage” ceremony at this time of life. It’s never too late though! We have found that women of all ages deepen in their connection with the wisdom of their wimmin’s body by experiencing a “Welcome to Womanhood” ritual. We offer this once a year at the Groves. In 2010 this will be held June 5-6.  Click here for more info about this ritual for women of all ages.

Rites for Teens
Every year Therese works with girls groups from  Teen Talking Circles and Rite of Passage Journeys, offering a powerful rite of passage ceremony to welcome girls on the thresh-hold of womanhood  into this new phase of life.  In addition, she hosts and/or facilitates individual families who want to create a ritual for a daughter coming of age.  If you would like to co-create a special ceremony or event for your daughter or special niece, e-mail Therese.

Girls from Rite of Passage Journeys

Welcome to Womanhood ritual with Rite of Passage Journeys Group

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