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Kiva: A Winter Dreaming Ceremony

January 4, 2019, 5:00 PM – January 5, 10:00 AM at Sacred Groves

The Kiva Winter Dreaming Ceremony is an all night ceremony of reflection, emptying and silence. It is a time to honor the self and focus on dreaming for the coming New Year.

Winter has its own magic. A time when nature turns in, and everything slows down. The days are short, the nights long. Plants go deep inside their roots, animals hibernate. Life takes on a different form, it turns within to dream. Humans are not separate from nature, and we move and change with its cycles. Our ancestors honored the energy of winter. They spent more time inside, told stories, harvested the learning from their experiences, and spent time dreaming. In order to align with the energies of this season, we need to slow down and turn our awareness inwards.

The Kiva Winter Dreaming Ceremony honors the turning in of winter. A guide will burn a bright fire all night long and gently guide you through various experiences throughout the night to awaken your awareness to the winter energy of darkness, mystery, and conscious dreaming of yourself. This will allow you to acknowledge your past year and all the opportunities, events, and people that have influenced your growth. This is a way of emptying yourself as the trees shed their leaves for the winter so in the spring they can begin anew.

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Ceremony Details

Ceremony $$ Exchange

  • The ceremony fee is $100.
  • We require a $50 deposit to ensure your space. Your deposit is non-refundable after December 21st. Details about how to deposit are in the registration confirmation email.
  • There are opportunities for a non-monetary ceremony exchange as needed, include this request when you register..
  • Registration
    Although this event is happening at Sacred Groves,it is sponsored by another group and you must register through them by following this link.

    Please contact our registration person, by December 21, 2017 to register. Spaces are limited and held on a first come first serve basis. Once you register you will receive an email confirmation with relevant details.


    Before we enter our ceremony, we will be feeding our internal fire with a potluck FEAST! verybody is asked to bring something to contribute for dinner or for breakfast, a dish for about 10 people.


    This event will happen at Sacred Groves. It is an all night ceremony. You will be welcome to join us at the fire or in the communal space indoors. If you would like to reserve a bed please contact Sacred Groves directly.

    NOTE:Sacred Groves is home to one wonderful feline named Oreo. If cat allergies are an issue for you, please keep that in mind with regard to your preparations!


    Be like melting snow —-

    Wash yourself of yourself.          Rumi
    We look forward to dreaming with you soon.

    Beautiful Redhawk and Grace