Healing Sexual Trauma Retreat

February 2-4  (Starts Friday evening, ends mid-day Sunday)

Co-Facilitated by Therese, Tere and Katie Spataro

Child sexual abuse and its impacts of trauma on individuals, families and communities is widespread and devastating. An estimated 1 in 5 people are survivors of this epidemic and persistent form of violence, many of whom experience incest from close family members. The resulting effects of trauma impact the body, mind and spirit through physical and mental wellbeing, relationships, and a survivor’s sense of inner and outer safety and wholeness.

Along the path of healing/wholing lies an unraveling of the pervasiveness of silence and shame, and the need for sacred spaces for grieving, connecting with others and being held and witnessed within community. This heart-centered grief retreat will be held by the nurturing grounds of Sacred Groves as we believe in the healing that happens with connection to the land as well as with others.

The intention of this retreat is to create a safe space for honoring and expressing grief in the context of a small group of incest survivors. The retreat will include a variety of modalities to explore how these childhood experiences are being held in the body with opportunities for release, clearing and healing through talking circle,  movement, visualization, singing, sweatlodge, ritual, and quiet integration time. Participants will have the opportunity to be honored and witnessed in their individual experience while being held within the container of the group.

This retreat is for those who have been enculturated as female and who are survivors of childhood incest, those who have already begun their healing journey and are seeking more support by working with others in a sacred circle.

Fees: The retreat fee is $350 which includes lodging for 2 nights at Sacred Groves, meals on Saturday and Sunday morning and the retreat itself. Some scholarship funds are available. Please inquire.

Facilitators:  For this retreat, to ensure all participants are well held,  Thérèse and Tere are partnering with Katie Spataro of Sacred Womb Services. 

To Register:
This retreat is limited those who have experienced childhood incest and will be capped at 10 max. Because of the sensitive nature of this topic, we are asking those interested to email Thérèse (via contact us)your responses to the following questions:
1. What do you hope to receive from this week-end?
2. What therapeutic/healing modalities have you already engaged for healing your childhood experiences?
3. What are the support systems you currently have in place?
4. What draws you to doing this healing work in a group? Have you participated in other group healing/emotional/spiritual experiences?
5. Is there anything else that would be important for us to know about you?

Once we have received and reviewed your email, we will let you know if you seem to be a good fit for this retreat. Once confirmed, please pay $100 deposit to hold your place by sending a check to Sacred Groves 9255 Holly Farm Lane, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 or by paying on-line using the following button:

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Payment options
Deposit $100.00 USD Full payment $350.00 USD