What is an Eco-Retreat?

An Eco-retreat, as we understand it, is a place that values a light foot-print on Mother Earth in its design and operations, a place for people to experience the natural surroundings in a low-impact way. At Sacred Groves we feel we ‘walk our talk’ as an eco-retreat in the following ways:

    Our Values Statement includes the following

We believe that the earth is sacred and that connection through music, dance, ceremony, prayer, and time outdoors are essential for personal and community health.

We strive to minimize our impact and keep our air, land and waters clean.

Our lifestyle here includes the following:

    We have clustered our houses, cabins, driveways and gardens so that most of this 10 acre forest sanctuary is in a semi-wilderness state, undisturbed by human ‘development.’

    We share bathroom and kitchen facilities with guests. Private bathrooms and/or kitchens are resource-intensive and expensive.

    The lay-out of our cabins and grounds here encourages connection with Mother Nature and the ‘Great Outdoors.’

    We chose to use many salvaged materials for our structures, e.g. the wall-board on the interior walls is re-used lumber, the floor in the Great Room is thrice-used wood, the “Castle” was near-entirely built with salvaged lumber.

    We have furnished the main house and yurts with used furniture, much of it donated by people who have lived here in the past.

    We use vinegar, baking soda and Dr. Bronners soap for cleaning rather than chemically based household cleaners.

    We use an energy and water-efficient washing machine. We hang laundry to dry on the line outside or on drying racks inside whenever possible. We use scent-free natural laundry soap and do not use dryer-sheets.

    We recycle and compost most of our waste; very little actually goes to the trash.

    We do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides in our lawns, gardens or on our grounds.