Mission and Values


Sacred Groves is a 10 acre forest sanctuary where people come to re-connect body, mind, heart and soul, to feel a sense of community with others, and to feel the sacredness of Mother Earth.

Our purpose

is to open our home and land as an ‘eco-retreat’ for overnight stays, rituals, healing work, music, learning, prayer and retreat time in the woods. We also role-model a lifestyle that respects and protects Mother Earth now and for the future.


sword fern--what a shape!

  • We believe that the earth is sacred, a place for prayer and peace.
  • We believe that music, dance, ceremony, prayer, and time in the natural world are essential for personal and community health.
  • We respect a diversity of spiritual paths and the many names of God/Goddess/Great Spirit.
  • We strive to minimize our impact and keep our air, land and waters clean.
  • We enliven feminine wisdom by honoring the intuition of the heart, the importance of process and by BE-ing as much as Do-ing.
  • We are committed to creating peace in our world through personal accountability, conflict resolution, reconciliation and forgiveness.