sweatlodgeA sweatlodge is a powerful purification ritual that has been passed to the modern world from Native American and other First Nations’ people. It involves sitting on Mother Earth, in complete darkness, in a simple lodge. Hot rocks are brought in from a fire pit, water is poured on them, prayers are spoken and sung. The ceremony generally lasts several hours starting when the fire is laid and lit. After the rocks are heated, participants enter the lodge for four “rounds,” conducted by the leader of the lodge, the “pourer,” who leads the prayers, songs and ceremony.

sweatlodge fireThere are many different traditions and rituals around how sweatlodges are conducted. Our sweatlodge at Sacred Groves is a “Rainbow Lodge” which means we welcome people from any spiritual path. Although we do not offer a traditional Native American sweatlodge, we conduct our lodges in a serious and sacred way. Our intention is to show deep respect for the traditions of First Nations peoples and those who have shared this ceremony with us. We feel honored and humbled to offer this ancient ceremony. Our lodge has been blessed by a Native elder and has been a place of deep healing for people of many cultures and spiritual belief systems. We give thanks to Great Spirit for the gift of this ceremony at Sacred Groves.

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Open sweatlodges for men and women are offered once a season (except summer), around the time of the season’s change, generally co-facilitated by Therese and Tere. In 2015, Spring sweatlodge is April 4, Autumn sweatlodge is set for October 10, and the winter sweatlodge is always on New Years Day, an annual tradition for the Groves. Therese and Tere will be pouring and fire-tending.  Please RSVP for more details. We welcome everyone who wants to attend.

Women-only Sweatlodges are offered once, early in the year –February 8. Priority is given to those women want to join the Earth Mothers Circle; if there is space for other women, they will be welcome. In this women’s lodge we invoke our personal grandmother guides and the ancient Clan Mothers.

Donations for Sweatlodge: There is not a required fee for our open sweatlodge ceremonies. We propose a ‘suggested donation’ of $25-50, put out a basket and receive what is offered. If it is more convenient for you, you may confirm your intention to attend the upcoming sweatlodge by making an on-line donation in advance using the “donate” button below.

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Occasionally a group requests that a private sweatlodge facilitated by Therese and Tere. In this case, we do request a minimum donation of $250.

We also open our lodge to outside groups who want to manage their own sweatlodge ceremony using our facilities. In such cases we request $100 for firewood and use of the meadow.